what is blogcoin is that services using special Stellar platrom tokens are used for promotion services for projects that have been verified and the advantage is that members get information on free tokens made by these projects and in blogcoin it is based on a blog in wordpress where people are more easily find it and on the services we provide for a forum on the blogcoin.online/forum website.
-Marketing consultant
-Promotion and guidance
-Trade consultant

Finding a solid project when there are so many to choose from is not an easy task, but checking is needed if you are looking for legitimate opportunities to make a large return.

Therefore, it makes sense to always assess how you find new projects, which bring them to light.
They will get great benefits if they can make their project successful in the future and because of that we open various promotional services with the most popular advertisements using a BLOG on a wordpress basis or with Google AdWords

Why does BlogCoin open services?
Cryptocurrency, Free Tokens, Coins, and other promotional services, especially those that have been verified.
Or In addition to the right and correct analysis of large amounts of data, our team is ready to offer not only the actual ICO ranking, but also the ICO list or new project in 2019 which includes the most popular projects. We believe that knowledge is the reason for success. That’s why BlogCoin provides investors with the most important, precise, actual, and decisive data about the best ICO cryptocurrency. We help make decisions that are weighty and rational. Does ICO Really Work? You may often hear this question: is it appropriate to trust ICO coin reviews? Does this really work? We will try to answer these questions explicitly. ICO is an investment structure, a global system that requires understanding the mechanism of processes, which occur in it. The task of our team is to help the system ‘understand’. That’s why we provide a list of ongoing ICO project reviews, ICO statistics, ICO cryptocurrency ratings in 2019 or from recent years, and set estimates for the future. We do all of this based on mathematical methods and high-precision multidimensional data analysis techniques.

Where can I find the best performing ICO? Where can I learn about the latest ICO? Where to buy ICO coins? Where is the best and most complete ICO database and ICO coin prices? Of course, on our website; the information is approved. All that is left for us to say: “Welcome to BlogCoin and ICO!” ICO Registration The main objective of the BlogCoin team is to analyze the activities of the ICO list presented, including, first of all, real ICO (for example, the list of well-known Stellar ICO or Ethereum) and, in the second place, which will be successful in a few years and have all opportunities to become market leaders in a decade. The Best ICO in 2019 Unlike most services and analytical platforms, we do not give preference to some monetary offers because this market is very dynamic and fast so constructive analysis and ranking of objective activities is information that is far more valuable than the attempt to draw ICO over subjective. At present, many ICO projects claim the best title, but it is not possible to describe the best ICO to invest in 2019. We must mention that Crypto Hunters (Pre-ICO), World Bit Bank (Pre-ICO), and DUCATUR (ICO) most prominent with other people’s backgrounds. New ICO Projects Many companies have chosen ICO Crypto to prepare game strategies that are so successful in the investment market that their ratings have exceeded the parameters of market veterans. We are the first developer of analytical services based on risk management methodologies that are oriented to the investment process. We analyze large amounts of information and work with large amounts of data from the Blockchain economic field. On our website blogcoin.online, you will only find the most popular ICO projects in 2019 and besides that we will help you find free tokens or free coins by means of an airdrop post issued by projects that distribute free tokens or
coins they. We will tell you about the most important aspects of the investment project world and most importantly, we try to understand how the system actually works for all the coins, the better prices in the future.