Cryptocurrency Free Token, Coin and other promotional services specifically those that have been verified.

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Promotion & Guidance

Promotion and guidance that have a business focus in creating or implementing projects in the fields of promotion, communication and entertainment with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of the community and participating in achieving economic independence of the community, especially the creative industries  

Trade Consultant

Professional trade consulting group and conduct consultations to determine the needs and analysis of internal IT requirements to provide timely and accurate solutions for results.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants expanding on marketing techniques in the area of the Amanah Unit Negotiator were also given real training. Planning sales, controlling sales & coordinating the sales process helps the promotional team regarding events, products to be sold, customer visit schedules and promotion systems that become maximum sales  

Q 3 2018

Q 3

+BlogCoin Promotion and Introduction Tokens with Twitter prizes and bot tip tips from waves, Rounds 1 and 2 end December 25, 2018. Round 3 is active until February 27, 2019. +vote platform specified by the member +Private sale starting on DEX Stellar platform and SWAP BLGC WAVES to BLGC Stellar on 10 January.

Q 4 2018

q 4

+Burning token waves is done +Launch website redesign +The making of tokens from stellar platfrom was immediately carried out

q 1 2019

q 1

+The making of the stellar platfrom tokens is already present and has been verified by the market exchange stellarport , Lobtrs , stellarterm , papaya +Launch AirDrop And Bounty Program +BlogCoin token sale

q 2 2019

q 2

+Listing blogcoin accepted on coinranking,blockfolio,coinpaprika,delta,coingesko,icoholder,CMD,BitUniverse +Publish 1st Research Paper +Project Plans Marketing consultant , Promotion and guidance ,Trade consultant +determine payment of project service prices


Asset Descryptions

Type : Stellar Asset

Asset Domain :

Issuer ID :


Code : BLGC


Cooperation: 50,000,000 BLGC

Patnership 17,000,000 BLGC

List On exchange 514,000,000 BLGC

Bounty 80,000,000 BLGC

Token sale 60,000,000 BLGC

Tipping 3,000,000 BLGC

Airdrop 100,000,000 BLGC

Donation 1,000,000 BLGC

Tim: 50,000,000 BLGC

Project Development: 100,000,000 BLGC


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Team Development


Founder, CEO

Salman A




Nanda Y

Founder XLC, COO

temporary rental office